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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

One of Jo Casteel's recent responses on her FB post:

They speak so much about only caring for "life" but in recent years I really started noticing how much oppression, darkness, and anger there was in the speaking. I just listened to message 5 from last weeks semi-annual on the "The Water for Impurity." The ENTIRE message was on death and rebellion. It was awful. The saints are under so much fear and oppression.

Here is one direct quote from Mark Roby, "Donít listen to speaking that has the element of death. Donít listen to any speaking that has the element of rebellion. If you do and you might even say, well itís true. You know what? Like I told you, death has good, evil, and knowledge. You say, Itís factualÖyeah part of what the devil spoke to Eve was factual and part of it wasnít. Thatís the way death comes. Death comes in a sneaky way. Death comes in a camouflaged way. You say, well thereís an element of truth to that? Yeah, thereís also an element of death and an element of rebellion. If you want that, you just take in that kind of speaking into your vessel, you will be dead. And, let me tell you, somebody is going to have to spend some time to try to help you out of that death. You canít get out of it quickly. I just ask you, I know too many saints. Nobody poisoned them. They poisoned themselves. Reading things that they know will cause death. Taking things in that they know includes death and rebellion. Lets for this purpose, letís close our vessel and tie down the lid. The only thing we let in is life. We let the water in and we donít let any death in.Ē

I was thinking to myself, yup, I have my lid on now. I'm not letting any of your death in!


It has occurred to me that if someone relaying their truthful and very negative experiences in the LC is going to be categorized as "death"......all that does is confirm that death is present in the LC.

This is her experience. The LC calls it death. So the LC is essentially agreeing (without realizing it) that these experiences within their system are real and negative and death.

Maybe there is hope yet!
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