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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

(Recently posted on the FB page)


(➕ ➖ ✖️ ➗)

4 ways to identify “cult-like” behaviors with simple MATH:

➕ “Cults” typically publish their own materials in addition to the Bible, and end up promoting them beyond the Bible itself. They feel that the Bible is insufficient in itself and distribute their own “publications” that they use to explain and promote their beliefs and positions above and beyond that of the Bible. / Any questions here??? Go to any “local church” meeting and what are the majority if not ALL of the “followers” speaking and quoting from?? Check the name on the side of it. Witness Lee/LSM?? What books do they have on display there?? Any outside of LSM publications??? How many? (Do the math!) ✔️

➖ “Cults” typically also detract or devalue truths in the “Bible”. Examples from LSM: 1) Teaching that the miracles that the Lord performed are not “relevant” today, that they were only relevant to prove that Jesus was the messiah, and are not “relevant” today... / EXCEPT that Jesus said that even greater things will be done in His name after He goes to the Father and the gift of the Holy Spirit is received by the believers. 2) Teaching that speaking in tongues is immature and not “relevant” today... / EXCEPT that Paul said he spoke in tongues “more than all of you”
3) Teaching that the book of James is too “low” and should not have been included in the Bible... / NO COMMENT needed here.
COMMENT: “Why are there so few “miracles” or “unexplainable acts of God” or even “fruit of the Spirit” experienced or observed in the “LSM churches”??? EASY: Read the end of Mathew 13: “Jesus did not perform many miracles there because their unbelief/lack of faith.” ✔️

✖️ “Cults” typically magnify, revere, and/or elevate a “man” to an “exalted” status. That one is easy: Witness Lee. Teaching that he was the last and greatest “minister of the age”, and that there will be no one else after him. At every “semi-annual training”, at least one significant portion of a message is taken to “defend” or “elevate” and promote the importance of Witness Lee, above that of any other member of the Body of Christ. / There is only ONE man who was ever “greater” than any other man; His name is Jesus! Even Paul himself said do not be a “follower” of him, and that he was the “least of these” and “unworthy to be called an apostle”. Paul did not think of himself as greater or higher or more significant than any other believer, and yet he wrote and unveiled the majority of the New Testament ministry or “economy”. / To this day, LSM churches use and quote almost, if not exclusively “Witness Lee” writings and publications in meetings. In fact they quote Witness Lee by far more than Paul or Jesus Himself. ✔️

➗ This one is easy. “Cults” typically create an atmosphere of “exclusivity” which in turn creates further division(s) among the body of Christ. That one has been mentioned and explained sufficiently in other posts. They speak of “poor poor Christianity”, demean and devalue other believers, including not recognizing other groups of believers as valid “local churches” that don’t follow the teachings of “Witness Lee”. ✔️

While you may not find some of these details specifically mentioned within the writings, teachings and/or publications of Witness Lee directly, you will undoubtedly find such RAMPANT views taught and propagated throughout their practices, gatherings, and “trainings”. To be clear, I have never read or heard (from multiple videos and publications) Witness Lee personally exalt himself to such status. Nor did I find his teachings and own words (for the most part) to promote such divisive and errant practices. However, I was personally trained by his supposed appointed leadership and successors, often referred to as “Brother We”, for two full years, completing the FTTA in 2002. I was most certainly taught by them directly, in addition to countless “elders” throughout the US, such errant, divisive, and “cult-like” practices, attitudes, and positions. But the most telling evidence, of course, is in the THOUSANDS of testimonies of those who have personally experienced the “fruit”/damage of such ministry, left such ministry, and continue to stand and testify to such atrocities.

Why such a strong word as “atrocities” you might ask?? That is in reference to the even GREATER number of lives who were raised or spent a substantial portion of their lives under such “ministry”, and who after experiencing such damaging “fruit” have ultimately lost, left and/or given up altogether their faith in God, who were taught/“brainwashed” the better part of their lives that there is nowhere else they could possibly meet on the earth, with any other group(s) apart from such self-proclaimed “local churches”, where they could find the riches and richness of the Lord Himself among other believers. I know countless numbers of them personally, as do the hundreds and thousands of those who have also publicly spoken their testimonies both here and elsewhere throughout the past decades, that have ultimately given up hope in “God” altogether because of that they were taught. By the way, that includes me also, where it has taken me years to get beyond such errant and divisive teachings to finally find the full peace and joy once again to pursue the Lord with “normal”, humble, seeking Christians among other groups. Yet WOW, what a joy it is to finally be set free from such bondage, clouds and darkness, and to once again be reunited with such pure, genuine, healthy, humble, seeking, loving, “fruit of the Spirit”-filled believers within the body of Christ, where NO “man” is exalted, except the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, the Messiah Himself, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD!!!

Jesus is Lord! Let NO other name be exalted!!!

But finally, make no mistake about it... My heart breaks and even mourns for those, many of which I consider to be some of the dearest believers and friends I have ever known, who are so deeply entrapped, entangled, and snared by it, and know no other way to go on with the Lord, apart from or outside of such dark and diluted, toxic “ministry”. This is by no means a personal attack directly against them, although I imagine most will receive it as such. Yet what does one do who so dearly loves the so many who blindly (horse blinders) and/or unknowingly continue to drink from such poisonous cup. Does one just leave quietly or silently and NOT sound the alarm or cry out to warn those whom they love concerning the poison within such cup that they have finally been able to so clearly identify. I can only imagine what happened to those who tried to do the same among other “cult-like” groups from within. I can only imagine how the leadership within those “cults” or “cult-like” groups referred to, spoke of, warned of, and taught concerning those who spoke out or resisted... Maybe like I was taught for two years, that they were the “opposers”, the “rebellious ones”, the “unclear ones”, “those without a proper governing or controlling vision” (well at least they admit to the “controlling” part there). Maybe they were also “inoculated”, or discouraged to not listen to, or be open to, or objectively consider any such criticism. Maybe they were also warned to not read such criticism as it would open them up to being “poisoned” too (another FEAR tactic).


Yet how would one come to realize that they were in fact being poisoned decade by decade, year after year, drop by drop???

Maybe by reading the word once again. Maybe by appealing to the Lord to open their eyes to see. Or maybe by simply considering the fruit from the tree... or LACK thereof??

Growth vs stagnation?
Lasting fruit vs diminished?
Oneness vs divisiveness?
Love vs judgement & criticism?
Humility vs pride?
Freedom vs control?
A “god-man” vs God HIMSELF?

Who do you follow???

A man who died 22 years ago?

Or a man who resurrected over 2000 years ago, and still lives today???

Don’t tell me “both.” Don’t bring up your “Paul and Timothy” analogy again. Timothy didn’t raise up churches to only teach and speak the words of Paul. You don’t see any other group of believers who meet and only publish, read, and speak from the writings of Paul. Or Peter. Or John. Or any other disciple. Or any other apostle... do you???

SO WHY WITNESS LEE ??? !!! ???
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