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Default Re: The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

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I want to know what "this" is?
When John I. came to Irving and talked to Ray and Benson they covered their ears, saying it was a local matter. They have to bear responsibility for that action. They participated in the sister's rebellion, facilitating the cover up of PL's sins. They have to bear responsibility for that action. When brothers raised alarms whether from Germany or Ohio, they attacked, slandered, and excommunicated them. They must take responsibility for those actions. All those actions have played a part in allowing abusers to run free in their little sect, and they are the ones responsible for that. They have been fully aware of what was going on from the first (I was in Houston when one of the victims of PL came to live there) and they chose to cover their ears, eyes and mouth. Well, they will be judged for every action they have done and also for all the things they have not done.

The Lord says "with what judgement you judge you shall be judged". I was quoting something Ray once said to me. A mistake had been made during the construction of the Irving meeting hall, I had supervised the brother who made the mistake and now Ray was berating us asking "I want to know who is responsible for this!" Which of course was me.
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