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Default The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

Facebook posting by Jo Casteel June 25th 2019

From a saint in the church in Fullerton,
“The elders in the church in Fullerton announced a sexual predators sin in the meeting last lord’s day. There were 12 accusations against him and they waited 6 years to expose him. I think your Facebook post helped to get it done.”

THIS. THIS IS WHY I’M SPEAKING UP. After releasing my letter I have had report after report coming in from saints from all over regarding hidden abuses.

I have had to be in touch with the police due to learning so many coverups in the Lord’s recovery. Some are from years ago, some are current. I have learned of more cases of assault on sisters than I would ever want to know. It’s been horrible having stories flooding in from the many abuses.

Want to know how many cases have been handled? FELLOWSHIP. Were the police called? NOPE. Were the other saints warned about the perpetrator? NOPE.

This culture has got to stop. It started with the covering up of Witness Lee’s sons Philip Lee and Timothy Lee. Our history is founded on a culture of covering up. The end justifies the means...

And to all the saints who say there are problems everywhere: Most groups are not claiming to be God’s move on earth AND the LORD’s recovery AND to be Philadelphia AND that they are becoming the New Jerusalem. With grand claims like that, comes grand responsibility.

And to all the saints asking me if I have sins. You bet I do. I am and was a top sinner. But I have never claimed to be the acting God on earth, or a deputy authority, commander in chief of the Lord’s army, the wise master builder, or the minister of the age. Someone in that position also shoulders great responsibility with the people under their care.

And to all the saints saying THEIR locality is just so amazing and reports things: GREAT. That’s a start. But what about the countless localities that haven’t and don’t? What about the feeling in the Body? What about compassion for the many who have been wounded in this system? You are a part of the problem if you are just happy about your locality and don’t have a feeling for what occurs in other localities.

The elders in our own locality made it clear they wouldn’t fellowship with Greg and I about any abuses that didn’t occur locally. They can get together and fellowship about the work on the campus regionally, but can’t discuss abuses that occur regionally. THIS IS A PROBLEM. This culture needs to change.

I’m in fellowship with several brave elders from other localities who are hoping to be an agent of change in this system. If the dear elders who are helping to shepherd the dear saints would shoulder some responsibility in this, many saints could be protected from damage.

Using keeping the oneness and fear of being divisive to keep so many abuses hidden is sick. I cannot and will not be quiet about this, even though this is one of the more difficult experiences of my life.

EDIT: I have now learned that the sexual predator from Fullerton is leaving the local churches in a public way. There is a possibility that the only reason the church in Fullerton is speaking up about him is due to him leaving the local churches.

Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen. (Ephesians 3:21)
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