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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by awareness View Post
LOL Jo S. But at least Nietzsche went mad. While Lee ended as the MOTA, and created the Blended Brothers to carry on the MOTA's legacy.

In that case, I'll go with crazy before that. Cuz it almost drove me as crazy as Nietzsche went.

But I'm impressed that you know at least something about Nietzsche, other than just his infamous God is dead.

I'm also impressed that Aron got his monster metaphor, in that Lee's local church became the monster they were critical of about all the rest of Christianity.

Thanks Weightinin for the Nietzsche quote. Nietzsche went crazy fighting monsters. Christians give Nietzsche short shrift. But Nietzsche was just as concerned as them about the effects of Modernity ; Christians upon their Biblical faith ; and Nietzsche about the loss of grand mythological systems over all. Cuz modernity was killing God, and all other gods too.
Folks, can we take the mad Nietzsche, his monsters, and his "concerns" for Christians to Alt-Views?

awareness is the moderator there.

Today Nietzsche is dead, and God is very much alive. He is risen!
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