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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
Jo, Standing up to bullies is not the same thing as being vengeful. The Bible tells us again and again to seek justice for the oppressed.

I've honestly been appalled over the years that more former leaders and people in the know have not had the courage to speak out about this group. If not them then who?

The answer is not to be timid, but to do all things prayerfully.

The only thing required for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.

And "evil will only increase?" That's LR bunker mentality.

Absolutely we should pray for the victims. But how do you think the Lord answers prayer? One way is through the intervention of those with the courage to intervene.

I understand not wanting fleshly fighting. But Paul wasn't always pleasant in his defense of God's church. The Lord is jealous for his people.
Peter took a bold and forceful stance against injustice. To Peter his actions in protecting Jesus from harm appeared to be righteous and just but because he was more concerned about the things of men rather than the things of God, Jesus rebuked him.

Witness Lee, from the comfort of a podium, took a bold stance against the "enemies" of Christendom, the Catholic church and the denominations. I suppose that too appeared to be impressive and right in the sight of many at the time. But look where it took the LC's in the end...

Christ said in Matthew that lawlessness will abound. He also commands us to "let the evildoer continue to do evil, and the filthy continue to be filthy" in Rev 22:11. Is this too bunker mentality or is this scripture that needs to be rightly divided?

As to Paul, he didn't so much stand up to the bullies as he did standing up for the gospel. He even explained to us how to do this in Romans 12:19-21.

Examine your heart and be honest with yourself, because the line is extremely fine. I've seen what going down the "truther" or "social justice warrior" path does to a person. For those whom seek to follow Christ, it stunts our relationship with Him like the seeds in Matthew 13 that fell among the thorns.

When you say things like "stand up to the bullies" You make it known where your heart is at. It implies your focus is on people who are all made in the image of God (whether that be Lee, the Blendeds, Titus Chu, or whomever), rather than on the principalities in high places. And Witness Lee wasn't any different except that his focus was on groups of people.

Greg and Jo's letter is effectively their "coming out of the abyss" so to speak. It was the right thing for them to do. However, can adding more posts to their exposť make it even more right?

I agree, if God moves you to speak your peace then do so but find the strength in Christ to move passed this stage so He can work to heal you. Then bring with you an awesome testimony to God for all to see. That is the light that will truly drawn people out of the darkness. Otherwise you may find yourself crawling right back into the abyss just in another guise. And it's my prayer that forums like these don't become that other guise but rather they effectively work in encouraging those coming out of the Lord's Recovery movement in the light and love of Christ.
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