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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

I just wanted to encourage you guys and say that the Lord does hear all the cries from the injustices that have taken place in the Local Churches.

I know there are those that were greatly hurt by this group and would like to see nothing more than the earth be rid of them however situations where entire families and individual's faiths are involved can be so delicate and complex that it's just not possible for any one of us to know how to properly navigate through it all. What we want to see happen may not be what the Lord wills at this moment and by pushing forward in our own strength, we can do more harm then good.

It's so easy to get caught up in the trap of continuously focusing on and exposing the darkness that we too risk falling into sin and become entrapped in a perpetual cycle of vengefullness and hatred toward those who have caused us harm. Unfortunately abusive and oppressive religious groups won't be going away anytime soon, save the Lord returns.

God is on the throne and vengence is His. No amount of damage inflicted on the LC's will bring healing but we can take heart in knowing that nothing will escape Him on that last day.

Evil will only increase. In the meantime let us pray for the captives, forgive our enemies with the forgiveness we were given, and reflect the light and love of Christ everywhere we gather in His name, including on these forums. Amen
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