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Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
I was struck at how it matched the LR culture. The fatal error is that the group, whether the "state" or the "recovery," is more important that anyone or anything, even the truth. It's all about threats and fear and intimidation and keeping people in their place. It's all about people being means to an end. It's all about a system based on lies. The KGB reminded me of the DCP. They too considered their job "a faithful word," when all they were was the intimidating muscle behind the lies.

The LR is Christianity's Soviet Union. So many grand ideas, all more important than the people they are supposed to bless--a relentless machine marching to its final meltdown, which will unfortunately take many with it.
Fascinating analogies.

The Recovery has these "10-Year-Storms" to re-exert their fake authority and re-remind the rank-and-file that "all authority has been given to the MOTA."

Why 10 years? Apparently that's how long it takes to forget this nonsense.

Socialistic communism in the Soviet Union had a lot of good points. There was no income inequality. They all lived in borderline poverty, but they had all things common. Jobs, homes, and health care were human rights they all shared. Crime was exceedingly low. They had no corrupt Christian ministries. Public transportation was available for all. There was no political infighting occupying the daily news, and every candidate received unanimous support from the people.
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