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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by aron View Post
From The Spokesman-Review Dec 17 1978

Witness Lee refused to act on Max Rapoport's demand. Why? Because he didn't want to, that's why. He's Witness Lee, the voice of God. That's the sum total of reality in the LC: if the oracle wants to do something he does, and if he doesn't want to, then he refuses. And by extension, "Philip Lee doesn't like to answer such charges" - I mean, who would? Certainly Philip didn't want to face the music. But that's apparently sufficient in the LC -- the oracle's son doesn't want to answer such charges. End of conversation. Kind of like Dad was with Sal Benoît.

"So subjective is my Christ in me..." Yes indeed, so subjective.... Christ is whatever you want Christ to be - how very convenient. And ten years later, someone else found the oracle's son in the same office doing the same "immoral act". Surprised?
Philip Lee's favorite saying: We don't care for right and wrong. We only care for life!

I'm sure WL had been dealing with his boys' SNAFU's their whole life. He was used to doing nothing about it. Standard procedure here. Just wait church, things will all get better, storm clouds will pass over, and everything will get back to normal.
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