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Originally Posted by aron View Post

Bro Lee also believed he was the deputy authority, commander in chief, and God’s unique oracle for the present time.
It is no accident that the very first book published by the BBs after Witness Lee's death was about "spiritual authority" - emphasizing "The Deputy Authority" and "The Wise Master Builder."

This was to set the frame and the emphasis going forward. It was a precursor to the "One Publication" and a culture of the elimination of the individual in whom they somehow still claim the Spirit resides.

To me, this remains the most insidious and invidious aspects of the movement. Once you steal away one's individual responsibility to God, they become open to all manner of manipulation. All other abuses (financial, physical, psychological, familial) derive from this. It is the soil they set.

Jo's letter and many others who leave are simply individuals re-establishing a right relationship with God and/or themselves as autonomous human beings.
"This [book] will perhaps only be understood by one who has himself already [] thought the thoughts that are expressed herein..." Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logicus Philosophicus
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