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Originally Posted by aron View Post

Bro Lee also believed he was the deputy authority, commander in chief, and God’s unique oracle for the present time.
This is the bottom line. One either believes this about Lee or one doesn't. It is not something that can be proved by any logical means. Believing it is an act of faith. Of course, one's understanding of spiritual things should be informed by the Bible and sound reason. But two people who believe they know the Bible and are reasonable can still disagree on things.

This is why Jesus said, by their fruit you will know them. Examine the fruit of say Billy Graham and compare to Lee's fruit.

Besides some people believing Graham hobnobbed a little too much with the political leaders, Graham's slate is clean. Untold millions touched by the gospel through him. A genuinely holy life so impressive that he was honored by being only the fourth private citizen to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda. Graham was not a man-pleaser, but he gained the respect of even unbelievers.

Lee clearly had a lot of potential. He had a unique way of producing precise, clear, life-giving teaching. But his megalomaniac and self-serving side produced so many abuses and scandals, and a legacy so mixed and confusing, that people don't know what to do with him, so he has been filed away as a strange quirk of history by most.

My point is that I do not believe that God would expect his people to consider such a flawed person, or any other person for that matter, as some kind of Minister of the Age. It just doesn't make any sense. It's always possible that someone God used greatly can go bad. So, how does one decide when that has happened in the MOTA world? For the LR they have no answer, or their answer is the current leaders will tell you.

Really? That's it? We're supposed to follow this movement blindly because Lee decided he was MOTA and some other people believe it, too? And because of that alone we are supposed to consider any alternative service we give to God as second-rate, tainted and probably worthless?

Does anyone really think that's how God operates? But that is the crazy LR mentality.

Reason doesn't work with these people because the basis of their beliefs is not reasonable. It's a primitive, visceral, ultimately fear-based thing.
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