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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by tentmaker View Post
I've been considering this for a few days now and thought to say something about it. I read that portion of the ministry magazine you referred to, and I re-read the entire comment above. This is a bit delicate. The speaker who gave the message was R.K., Ron Kangas. He said the words “may not” two times. The term “may not” means (to me) that it could happen or it could not happen. I do see his side of the matter. The Lord may want those in RCC, and many, many others (outside the LC) to stay where he placed them. I most certainly believe he can do the work in them. How? It’s his working not yours or mine, or anyone else's. We can mess it up though. Regarding “overcomers”, I do not believe that the WL/LC is the only “church” or place where one could grow and develop to full overcoming maturity. The real freedom to truly enjoy Christ is too limited there. The real riches in life are found in Christ and his Word.

Hi tentmaker,

I understand what Jo Casteel's point meant, and I understand what yours means too. I think you both are making separate points about the same sentence.

Your point seems to be about that it could happen or could not happen (in the sense of permissiveness). In other words, Ron's use of the words "may not" might be read as "are not allowed to"....i.e. "They are not allowed to come out of her into the Lord's recovery." But your point seems to be that "may not" in this case isn't a matter of being allowed, but is a matter of possibility, as allowed according to the Lord's intention. He wants those where he places them.

I think Jo's point is that the fact that coming in and out is even possible showed her that "the recovery" is not the recovery work the Lord is doing all over the earth, from which no one can come in or out of, but is actually a "movement" from and into which people can come in and out. The very fact that anyone can come into or out of the recovery means it is not the overall work that the Lord is doing over the earth, but a movement.

Not sure if that helps or makes it worse!

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