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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

In April of this year I read through the “Ministry of the Word” magazine (“The Ministry of the Word,” “The Overcomers,” Volume 16, Number 12, December 2012) on the overcomers in Thyatira, Sardis, and Philadelphia. Regarding the Roman Catholic Church I read on page 14,

“They may not come out of her into the Lord’s recovery. The Lord may not intend for them to come out…”

I about fell out of my chair the moment I read that. We have always been told that the Lord’s recovery is not a movement and that any believer anywhere could be in the Lord’s recovery. The sentence of not coming into the Lord’s recovery made it very clear that it actually was a movement that you could “come out of” and “into.” If recovery was something that the Lord was doing inwardly amongst all Christians, it wasn’t something you could “come out of” and “into.” Making the Lord’s recovery a movement was repeated on page 29,

“we are not narrow, saying that the overcomers are only in the Lord’s recovery.”

So, the Lord has overcomers amongst all Christians, but somehow their inner being is not being recovered? How could they be an overcomer then?

I've been considering this for a few days now and thought to say something about it. I read that portion of the ministry magazine you referred to, and I re-read the entire comment above. This is a bit delicate. The speaker who gave the message was R.K., Ron Kangas. He said the words “may not” two times. The term “may not” means (to me) that it could happen or it could not happen. I do see his side of the matter. The Lord may want those in RCC, and many, many others (outside the LC) to stay where he placed them. I most certainly believe he can do the work in them. How? It’s his working not yours or mine, or anyone else's. We can mess it up though. Regarding “overcomers”, I do not believe that the WL/LC is the only “church” or place where one could grow and develop to full overcoming maturity. The real freedom to truly enjoy Christ is too limited there. The real riches in life are found in Christ and his Word.

Considering your situation in the LC I understand where you’re coming from. I have been around the WL/LC since 1976. My wife and I raised 4 children there, from birth to college, all 4. My oldest is 42 now. Three of the four are “out” with two of them very damaged by, I would say, “local control”. My children became good, excellent people, but the two will not consider even a visit back. Not happening. I learned a lot from all of them! I saw different sides of certain ones (mostly leaders), that which abhors (angers really) me, because of their being so legal and religious, among other things. I looked back at myself, my history, and cannot believe nor understand how religious I too became, mostly from 1980-2006! or so. I want out of her, as the Lord calls, too!! I will perhaps share more later - I just don’t feel to do so right now.

To Greg and Jo (and all), genuine Grace to you in your journey ahead. The Lord is with you even if you think he's not. He did not bring us this far for nothing.
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