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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

I think this letter has a few things going for it:

1. It's reasoned and doesn't use inflammatory language gratuitously.
2. It's decently formatted, grammatically pleasing, and easy to follow.
3. It helps that right up front she voiced the programmed thoughts that many would have by default.
4. It's posted on a very public platform. It's not on a "poisonous" website back in the dark forest that all the gnomes are warned to stay away from.
5. It's easy to stay away from a website you don't go to. But by the intelligent design of social media, it's hard to skip past a Facebook post (that involves you in any way) once you see it....even if you "know" it's "poison" when you read it.
6. Although she provided many links, there is more than enough to make people stop and think just from the letter itself. For those still fearful of poison, they may stay away from the links.
7. Facebook comments are a huge drawing factor. People love to read things and then scroll right down to see what other people had to say about it to see if their opinion matches the majority opinion. The volume of confirming comments helps validate the letter.
8. Personally I think it helps that it's current. Past issues and abuses from decades ago, while serious, don't carry much personal impact for the younger generation in the church. Although, they can be the last straw on the camels back, for sure.
9. She clearly articulates many nebulous things that are difficult to pin down unless someone verbalizes them for you. I think for some who read it it will be a fog-clearing wind.
10. Toward the end she briefly addresses sisters directly. I do think many sisters in the LCs are suffering silently in the way she describes.
11. Its overall tone is hopeful and not condemning or critical.

I think there are a few of us who are wondering the same thing, Raptor.......waiting to see the significance and scope of this thing.
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