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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

The other thing I liked about the post was that I've long felt that more females should speak up about the legacy of abuse. Here's what I wrote 6 months ago:

Originally Posted by aron View Post
What were the charges against those in the so-called Sisters' Rebellion, and how were their 'sins' different from the actions of those lauded as the historical torchbearers of "the Lord's recovery"? What's different, other than earlier ones being conveniently dead and therefore useful to a power play, whilst some, being very much alive, were perceived as rivals and threats? Okay, I get that. Anything else, here? Any fundamental differences, or merely the issue of convenience?

And how could we all sit there while RK publicly derided "spiritual sisters" as being "worse than rebellious brothers", and not notice the glaring disconnect between this and his lionized "early pillars"? How did otherwise intelligent and functional people get so mesmerised by the WL mind control programme? Amazing to consider in retrospect.

Convenience creates contrivance - there's your "present recovered truth". And we all sat there: stupefied, stunned and senseless.
The reason females have been pushed down in the LC is simple: it automatically eliminates 50% of the potential threats. Just get them to agree that being female obviates them from rational thought and it is so much easier to reprogram and control them So to see a female saying, "Hey, this doesn't make sense was encouraging.

That and the person writing from the PRC were the best things I've seen all year. It just takes one courageous person to speak up. One little 'Toto' to pull back the wizard's curtain.
Originally Posted by aron View Post
I'd like to focus on one particular "rebellion" as an example of what is at play here. The so-called "Sister's Rebellion". What was their crime? Drawing others unto themselves? Being "spiritual sisters" (RK's derogatory term)? Okay, then why base your movement prominently on the thoughts and activities of Jessie Penn-Lewis, Madame Guyon, Miss Margaret Barber, Miss Elisabeth Fischbacher, Mary McDonough, Ruth Lee et al.... ?
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