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Originally Posted by stillseekingtruth View Post
Im still struggling with the book of James. WL's sharing on that and in the Life Study was rather negative. It was made out to be a 'religious` book and not as 'high' as the other books of the bible. WL said that James thinking was mixed with Judaism and the New Testament. You're right. In the LC we dont do 'good works' that is from the 'wrong' we just stay 'under the divine dispensing' and poof! Things will change or at least we'll gain enough Christ to overcome so the heck with everyone else. (Eyeroll)
Oh my gosh - just skimming through the LS of James and seeing all the brainwashing and control statements. Ugh. A sister I was very close to accused everyone she knew of being controlling yet she wouldnt admit how controlling WL and the blendong bros are. It's sad.
I have not had much time to write but so many very good threads and posts.

So briefly, I have been studying (when not doing other things) the doctrine of dispensations for over a year and I have not only gotten so much insight, revelation and understanding but have grown closer to the Lord.

As an fyi, I was not around when Lee 'lectured' on James. THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!! Because even though I have read James 4 or 5 times, I never found it negative.

What I failed to realize even after reading James how many times?? I never saw verse 1.

I am posting a link to a verse by verse study of James. I think it's pretty good. That's my opinion.
But Just a word of caution, the pastor (a you tube teacher) is dressed in a white shirt and tie. I have been reading and studying God's Word on my own for a very long time and what he teaches agrees with my spirit by and large 90% of the time. I have also emailed him with a question and he has always answered me. Not right away but within 2 weeks time.

Hearing someone else's take on a teaching can be helpful. Btw, I 'follow' 2 other 'teachers' more than I do Robert Breaker.

Hope this video will help you.


P.S. Breaker is a King James only. I am not.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luke 21:36)
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