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Yes, I have a close relative there that I'm trying to help leave the LC and see that you can still have the church life without LSM and excess adoration of Lee and Nee. I'm interested in how your church is managing. Do you read books by other authors than Lee? Can you give me an example of some books you have read?

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About 5 years ago an elder in the LR told me to go ahead and listen to Christian radio and see how 'wrong' they are. Well, I took him up on it. They're not 'wrong.' Either way, I listented to Alistair Begg and John MacArthur. MacArthur has a lot of books out. The Gospel According to Jesus. The Gospel Accoding to God. (Notice there isn't the Gospel According to Witness Lee?) I just got stung with a thought "Now I'm going to hell for speaking against WL." Ok, reject that thought. Anyway, I don't know if they're still in the LR if they will be open to listen or read anything or anyone other than those approved by WL.

I got about halfway through The Power of Prayer in a Believer's Life by Charles Spurgeon. I read it with my WL "glasses" on but it is very clear and very good. Hope that helps a bit.

There is also an app called Sermon Audio that has a ton of Christian preachers. First, they have to be willing to step out of their comfort zone and fear and be willing to listen to someone other than WL and his approved list.
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