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Originally Posted by stillseekingtruth View Post
I know whom i have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I've committee unto Him against that day. It isn't a matter of belief in God or His Son ans salvation. (Most days) it is a matter of how to live and what is really true. Its not the Word as much as the interpretation of the Word. What does the Word mean to me? Or what does it mean as God meant it to mean and how do we know?
Nell gave good advice - let go of everything you thought you knew and trust him. That was what I was saying, with my previous post.

As far as interpretation of the Word there are fantastic resources out there. But at it's core it's very simple, that was what I was trying to say earlier. If you have the basics then you can navigate the complexities.

The LC system is such a complete and thorough mind-rape that it's best to drop it all. If you were sucked into the 24/7/365 "church life" as many of us were, just start from the basics and move on. Give yourself one or two simple questions that you can answer in the affirmative, and you'll go forward. I mean, if God didn't raise Jesus from the dead on the third day, then we're just all wasting our time here. If he did, then we have hope and we go on.

The gospel is very simple but it's very deep. That is what has drawn, and continues to draw, seekers through the centuries. My own 'starting point' is the two great gospel messages in Acts, one by the Galilean fisherman Peter and one by the urban Pharisee Paul. Both use almost identical phrases and imagery. Compare Acts 2:24-32 with Acts 13:30-38. It's the same gospel. Why should any of us try to re-invent it?
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