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This is such a key point, especially for those trapped in the LSM local churches. Pastor Brett down at the Community Church, in fact, says he isn’t today’s Paul, he tries to reconcile families, challenges you to read other resources, appreciates feedback and discussion - however imperfectly.
Thank you for this word. There was a lot that I truly enjoyed in WL's ministry, I did I did. And there was a lot that I thought was a bit off the wall and at odds with the Word. I learned to take some and leave some, guided by the Word and the Spirit. But when you only have one source, that left me staring off at the beige walls of the meeting hall for large periods of time when I was feeling things were a bit off the wall.

I still apply my, granted limited, discernment when receiving other ministers today, whose ministries I similarly see as sometimes a bit all over the page. But I'm seeing and being so much more than before. I am spiritually challenged, enlivened, and am experiencing growth with the greater body of my brothers and sisters.
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