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No joke, when I read your quote I was chuckling to myself because it was so extreme I literally thought you had created an over-the-top exaggerated parody version of the MOTA doctrine off the top of your head as a joke. Then you referenced the source and I realized it actually was in ministry print.

I was floored. Absolutely unbelievable, really, I just cannot believe it. If you do not follow Witness Lee and Witness Lee alone you are "void of light and revelation and are not serving according to [the Lord's] vision"?

It's actually very scary and very serious that any Christian group would try to propagate any kind of thought like this. There is no "one man per age principle", it just does not exist. The only "one man" we EVER need to spend any time on is Jesus.

I also just flat out don't understand how anyone can possibly swallow the thought that God has operated according to this "principle" throughout all the ages, and then all of a sudden, He abandons His principle and there is no longer a "one man visionary source" and you just have to keep reading the last man's material. The site even says "The dissenters' demand that the co-workers identify a present "minister of the age" is misplaced. The real question is whether we have fully entered into the vision that the Lord has already given to us."

NOPE, sorry LSM BB's, actually that demand is the logical question and conclusion of anyone with basic human intelligence that you are trying to get to swallow this ridiculous principle!!! Their three recommendations to enter into the vision actually translate in practice to "buy more LSM books and regurgitate more LSM material". Totally sickening.
This is very serious. This, in my estimation, is a frightening substition, a slight of hand perpetrated on the body of Christ. Was it leastofthese who said earlier that no member of the LC would claim or admit to idolizing Lee. But here it is in print. According to their own mandates and ministry, the light comes from the man, Lee and the ministry. Without the man, there is no light. How this flies in the face of Gods' word! Jesus is the light. The word is the lamp to our feet. This is the way I see Lee and the ministry have become objects of idolatry. Not that a christian in the LC would admit to such a thing, but the reality of it is there. Perhaps they would not willingly fall into such idolatry, but they have been beguiled. Honestly, how scary. The saints I knew personally were genuine believers, but it seems like they are under a spell.....

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