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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
You applaud the stated mission but criticize the execution of it.

The Lord will judge and what is not of Him will burn up as wood, hay, and stubble.

However, as long as the mission/vision is right the execution can be adjusted. If the mission is missing or wrong then the execution matters little. So, if you think the mission is right then Id encourage you to be led by it and trust the Lord through your prayer and petition to align the execution with the mission/vision.

Sorry Drake, but both your mission and your execution are seriously flawed. How do you ever expect to hit the target when you are aiming in the wrong direction?

The LSM "mission" is built on sinking sand, stating that only they are the Lord's testimony, and all others are hopelessly divided and helplessly degraded. The LSM mission is built upon Nee and Lee as MOTA's, the only legitimate Ministers of the Age, with all other ministers illegitimate at best, and their writings actually supersede scripture, that is where Lee can "prove" the scripture to be merely "human sentiment."

Since the LSM mission is so seriously flawed, it's no wonder that her most ardent supporters have always been willing to violate both conscience and scripture in order to protect her, and coverup the many wrongdoings and unrighteousness of her leaders.
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