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Default Re: What should I be looking for in a church?

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
Hi saints!

I find myself in the same place, of needing to go on with the Lord and needing a church....but not altogether trusting my own discernment and judgment....but I want to look away unto Jesus forgetting all that, trusting Him to lead me to the right place!

But I wanted to share Justin Peters name with you. You can find him on youtube....his ministry has been blessing me greatly, especially coming from the deception and error of the Local Church...

Justin Peters likes to expound on the bible verse by verse, but he also speaks the truth in love regarding errors in todays churches.....and false things....he really hates the lie!

Anyways, bless all the dear brothers and sisters as they seek to continue on in the fellowship of Christ!
Hi byHismercy! I really like small groups, because it's there that people really get to know me; and I like group meetings in homes. For some folks small groups are their classes on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening, and that's great. But, my wife and I benefit from the more intimate setting of a small group in a home. It's there that people get to know me and others learn how I share Christ's love and whether I am an open person or not. There is lots of diversity in Christ's body, I think the Holy Spirit will help you feel comfortable in the group that you would thrive in. It's OK to visit and talk to people, and if you find a pastor/shepherd that you can easily talk with, that would be a great plus. I'm glad you're seeking and have not given up!
Christ cares for all His sheep in whatever group.
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