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Default Re: pulled in two directions

I wish I can articulate like you do. You've said in clear thinking what "IT IS" in the local chuches of 'Lord's Recovery'.
Many in this forum are still truggling in this 'pulled in two directions' dilemma. That's why we write.
In the process, are many outbursts of anger, bitterness, pains, ... And seem to be bias in our views. Compare to me, you are calm, rationale fairly, maintained love and peace and joy.

What you wrote expressed what I feel and think. May be I can pick out small bits of 'not agree' with you. First read, I have not straight away identify what I disagree with your writing. But after every few sentences, I have 'big agree'.

One thing about myself, I resist reading Lee Nee 'Song of songs', don't know why. May be its more resisting King Solomon's 'songs' than the interpretations of it.

I used to like the 'bible study' type messages in LC, but for many years by the Lord's mercy and shepharding, I read the bible as is. Jesus is my shepherd.

I also listen to other christian speakers on youTube due to easy access and 'rebellion' against LC 'one publication' one mota eddict
Jesus still the shepherd, my shepherd. These other christian speakers do not have the 'grip' on my life like taking over from Christ to rule over me, like in LSM 'Lord's Recovery'.

As for the people (the saints, bros and sisters, personal families) in the LCs, is the hardest and most painful 'pulled in 2 directions'. Heart breaking.

Thanks for writing. May The Lord Himself leads you.

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