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Originally Posted by aron View Post
And it's not coincidental that LC rank-and-file are told not to look at material other than 'ministry-approved' which is a pretty short list. Look at anything not vetted by LSM and you're sure to get 'poisoned'. What kind of a God is this that can't take a little good old scrutiny? A little cross-examination? A little back and forth?
Great point here. Read about all the great men of God in the Bible. They all challenged God to prove Himself. Their faith also was constantly tested. Did not God prove Himself faithful to them? Which one of them told us that every opinion and question was of the devil? How about Abraham, the father of faith, and his back and forth with God over Lot's hometown buddies?

These men of God knew their God thru life's struggles. Some of their stories are in Hebrews 11. If our faith is only built on a bunch of teachings, especially Lee's doctrines, then we're screwed when the fiery trials come our way. Our faith must be built on solid rock, God Himself.
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