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Default Re: How do you leave without making a scene?

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
After reading Jo Casteel's open letter and going down the rabbit hole of research into the LC, my husband and I have decided that we would like to leave the LC. We want to do this as quietly as possible, but need advice on how to go about it from those who have done this before.

Would love to hear some advice from you all. Thank you.
We called it quits during all the chaos prior to the Midwest Quarantines. Personally I voiced some serious concerns I had in the elders/deacons meeting, and the elders later told me to apologize to the other deacons, which I did, and then stopped all my serving at that point. Actually the other deacons all agreed with me, understood my concerns, and told me I didn't need to apologize. I did as I was told before leaving.

I was honest with some of my issues, and the elders/workers rejected them. I was honest with them, honest with myself, and honest to the Lord. When asked "where we've been," we told the saints that we are struggling to follow the Lord. I never voiced my concerns to the saints in general. For a few years afterwards, I would visit once a month to break bread and see the saints. I still see some of the saints. I found that leaving was easier than sticking around. Workers under TC could become quite abusive at times, just to maintain their power, having learned bad habits from TC.

If you want to leave, just leave. Just tell them you are trying to follow the Lord. Don't argue with them. Don't reason with them. Don't try to persuade them. Don't even try to answer why. Just thank them, and tell them you will pray about it. Let them have the last word as you say thanks and good bye.
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