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Default Re: My Hand Is Against The Prophets Who See False Visions....Ezekiel 13:9

Originally Posted by aron View Post
It was a clever back-door ruse. "No opinions" meant only my opinion ever got heard. "No Pastor" meant I got to direct everything. "No culture" meant only my culture set group norms. "No ambition" meant only my ambition got validated.

I've mentioned before, how remarkable it was that one speaker gave hundreds and hundreds of messages in front of thousands, and at the end of every message they'd line up at the microphones to congratulate the speaker on his brilliant insights, but did anyone ever come up to the mike and say, "Hey Brother Lee - your point A(2)b doesn't seem to line up with what you taught last winter in the Ezekiel Training"? Or, "Watchman Nee said something quite different here"? No - critique never came out of the assembly, post-message. It was all, validation, validation, validation - what a revelation, that God has given to [us] His people!

This observation leads me to think that BL was either dispositionally or positionally without fault, and really was "channeling God", or else he was some kind of charlatan who led the captive assembly into a lazy and stupefied self-satisfaction, with perhaps a side dose of fear. The disposition hypothesis fails with Daystar and Philip Lee as the Office. The position hypothesis needs its source culture to survive - don't question the Big Boss. It's not biblical. In the Bible when leaders erred they got called on it. So that leaves me looking at the third option.
We also don't want to stick out, rock the boat or show dissent with a large group of smiling people. Human nature too not to have the spotlight on ourselves when it comes to opposing multiple people.
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