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Default Re: Hello, I'm Ataraxian. I once believed I was part of God's special remn

Originally Posted by Ataraxian View Post
Not only did I come to understand that the LC was a denomination, but I also came to understand that the LC was highly divisive and arrogant. I came to understand that the LC was downright... just... wrong.
My agreement. A denomination, divisive, and arrogant. Problem is, I also am divisive and arrogant, and trying to make a name - "aron" - for myself wherever I go. So while I agree, in principle, I wonder what I can do with that?

My answer is to realize that simple fact. This warning applies to us all. What helped me enormously was a verse in an overlooked (in LC-land) book called Jude. Jude said that the angels who left their appointed places were given up, and put into chains to await judgment. Jude was speaking about some in the assemblies ("some in your love feasts") who were up to no good.

For years I though Jude was a raving paranoiac, lacking vision and certainly lacking grace. But that story of the angels who fell (see Genesis 5 for more, also the Book of Enoch) illustrates a marvelous principle.

Just as Lucifer turned away from God, just as Adam and Eve rejected the warning and left the garden, just as the Israelites died in the wilderness rather than attain the promise, just as the priests had the scrolls but rejected the promised One of whom the scrolls testified, so were the christians eager to turn to the weak and small things of the world, and to forsake their birthright as children of God.

In this some of the angels also sinned, and turned from an allotted portion in God's house, to over-reach beyond the boundaries God has placed for us. We all do this. David did this, and took another man's wife. Murder soon followed. All of us who are blessed, at some point stumble and over-reach. There is only One who made it through, and became an offering for all. So I can look at your sins and you can examine mine and together we can agree on aspects of the LC, but it's all probably part of a bigger story.

So it's actually a great thing to have passed through the cauldron of the Local Church of Witness Lee (I call them the Church of Witness Lee because if you look at their websites the top bar says "...affiliated with the ministry of Witness Lee" so they have named themselves surely as Wesleyans or Lutherans or anyone else).

Originally Posted by Ataraxian View Post
So, I accepted the truth and left the Local Church.
The truth is many layered. A third grader may see a college physics text and see an "orange ball", where an older student sees an electron shell. Both are only partly right. There are layers beyond the electron shell. The danger is to think you have the truth. Then, as Jesus said, your blindness remains.

Today I don't try to leave my old experiences so much as have new experiences which transform the old ones. I pray that you would have new experiences which bring all your old ones, LC and all, into what will be, for you, a seamless, coherent, marvelous, mysterious, joyful, peaceful, and useful reality which you can share with others.
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