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Default Re: Hello, I'm Ataraxian. I once believed I was part of God's special remn

Originally Posted by aron View Post
Those who claim to have it all don't have very much. Those who admit they don't have much have a little more. But nobody save God is allowed to be a "know-it-all".
A brief p.s.

I know that the "know-it-all" types will probably quote John 16:13, or some such, that the Spirit is leading us into ALL the truth, which is a good point.

But that seems to be a slow, laborious (at least for me) process, and those who claim to have arrived at the end point (read 'high peak') seem to be doing so at some cozy place in the wilderness, rather than struggling forward.

Theologians beware: yesterday's revelation is today's dogma.

The Spirit is leading us on a journey. The only essentials I refuse to let go of are: #1 I love this Jesus guy, and #2 try to be nice to the person next to me. Beyond that, let go and go forward.
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