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Default Re: From a concerned parent

Originally Posted by Betsy View Post
Excellent! I never thought of that. What a great POV to give if I had any boldness left with church members.

While great minds are speaking here -- what about the Bible verses that say to stay away from the divisive ones -- those who cause division? Or maybe that's just too much of a big quagmire. It starts with the basis of who has authority, who has the right vision etc., which can become a never ending spiral going down.

Then on the remote chance, they are proven wrong, they will whip out the little book called "The Twofoldness of Divine Truth", and whatever idea is true, they can argue the opposite, conflicting idea is also truth.
I haven't read that pamphlet! How convenient to be able to never be proven wrong....

I want to look into this too because I'm dealing with the same thing. As far as what to say to people still in when they're labeling you as "divisive," I can't help but to think of the gifts mentioned in Corinthians. One is about having the gift of a discerning spirit, I want to look more into the meaning of that.

Let's say someone does have that gift though, are they not meant to use it to discern between good and bad practices- all because it might cause a disagreement?

The point is, are disagreements and division the same thing?? Absolutely not!! It is 100% ok to peacefully disagree with each other over secondary issues. Its also ok to talk about them! Fellowshipping has been manipulated into people just agreeing with everyones opinions and practices, when really, it could be an open and respectful discussion of two points.

Since when is that causing division?
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