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Default Re: I was in the church for ten years.....

Originally Posted by Evangelical View Post
Compared to them, I don't think the Recovery is a real cult.
I agree, sect would probably be a better word. I had some very real experiences of Christ while I was there, I can't deny that. And yes, nothing wrong with door-knocking really, you're right. I just mentioned it because it reminded me of the door-knocking I had done and put it in persepective.

As for the crazy WMSCOG,

Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
First of all, she told me she met with a Christian non denominational church
Yep, same here, part of their routine to establish trust. I still don't know for absolute sure if the girls who knocked on my door were from the WMSCOG but I'm about 90% sure. They have my number, so I'll have to find out when they ring. I've never had girls so happy to receive my number before lol, one of them squealed with joy, like she had been rudely rejected all day and finally got a lead hahaha. If only other girls would be that happy when I gave them my number...

Originally Posted by countmeworthy View Post
...After we went our own way, she hooked up with her. LOL!
You mean they kissed? Hooking up is such an ambiguous term that could mean anything. I always thought it meant sex but apparently only sometimes.
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