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“The real difficulty in the prayer is, that it lands us, as before, in a mystery which we cannot solve. It assumes that even the will of God is in part dependent on our wills, that it will not be done unless we so pray.”
Perhaps an analogy can help visualize this mystery. Recently my car needed to be repaired. The secondary air pump, part of the catalytic converter, was not working. However, what in fact was not working was not the air pump but a switch. This switch turns the pump on when the car is cold and turns it off once the car has warmed up.

This could be our function in prayer. We pray according to God's will (that is like the switch turning on when the car is cold and turning it off when the car warms up). Our prayer is to the power source, the transmission of that power is the spirit or electricity traveling to the pump, and the pump is answer to that prayer.
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