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Default Re: You can't serve God if you aren't graduated from full-time training.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Personally, I probably want to go to training. But there are some regulations in there such as haircut or dress code which I can't fulfill the requirements.
At least you know what their requirements are so that you can make an informed decision.

I went to a full-time training for elders and responsible ones in Taipei, and many were discouraged by all the petty regulations. While we were gone during the day, the training office had young kids go thru our underwear drawers and write up citations. I got one for not lining all my ducks in a row (I mean socks). Since there was no advance notice of underwear drawer inspection, with posted guidelines for these citations, many of us felt violated when we all received them.

Later on I learned that it was just LSM's way of humiliating elders in order to bring them under subjection. It was all part of LSM's "game" to achieve dominance over the LC's. We also had to use metal clothes hangers to smooth the sheets on the bed foams. I had no problem with that rule, but it was especially irritating for another elder in the room. He responded by never trying to smooth his sheets again. These petty citations only served to lower the morale among us.

I also got a citation for folding up my white sleeves at dinner -- kind of humiliating to have some 18 y.o. American trainee kid interrupt your dinner fellowship to issue you an official citation. I decided to appeal that one with the presiding LSM "judge," and got it over-turned. (Hence no points on my insurance.) Personally I felt bad for these "inspectors." LSM did them a great disservice by drafting them for this petty "service." What a way to puff him up with pride!

What did you do today? I enjoyed the Lord while inspecting the elders' underwear drawers.
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