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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Weighingin View Post
To Jo S and Awareness:
I apologize for my abyss/monster quotation, that was overkill. I was trying to respond to your post, but I didn't think it through. I don't write or express
things as well as a lot of you. Maybe I can express my response to your posts by an example.
We need to be aware of both the positive and negative stuff in our lives. When I was working, there were some positive things about my job, yet I was often focused on the negative. I would go home and complain a lot until even my kids were bummed out about my constant talk. So I became a reflection of the negativity that was at my job. Those that have left the recovery, LSM churches,
(what have you) saw, perceived, and experienced some negative things, errors, and other shortcomings in varying degrees.
As another case, when I realized he wasn't the MOTA, I was mad that it took so many years to see this.
Anyways, I'm done for now. Peace be unto you both and all who come to this forum.
Thanks Weighingin. No big deal to me. I'm a fan of Nietzsche. Because of "God is dead," some out here will think he doesn't fit here. But that's only because they don't understand what Nietzsche meant.

But are we out here staring into the abyss? It's certainly staring back at us.
Cults: My brain will always be there for you. Thinking. So you don't have to.
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