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Default Re: Deceptions on Campus

Originally Posted by kumbaya View Post
These are all just excuses to disobey the word of God. Have mercy on us, God.
Or, maybe it's relevant, practical.. modern? What does the Word of God say regarding giving smart phones to homeless people? I think Christians give food and blankets to homeless people, obviously unwanted, instead of asking them what they really need. A smart phone? 1 month free internet? I've seen homeless people throw good food away or leave it to rot on the sidewalk - not their fault, what are they really going to do with too much food when they don't have a refrigerator? Anyway, first world problems. The situation is different in third world Asia of course, where Jesus's words about feeding hungry and clothing naked have more meaning. I think that's why Christians like going to third world countries, they can see a real difference. In the West, homeless people do sometimes complain about the food they get for free, and they can be very demanding. It can really feel like "wasting your time", if they really aren't in dire need, and you're there just to cater for their preferences. How relevant are Jesus's words to the Western world anyway when a third of homeless people need liposuction not another burger (obesity studies among homeless people show a third are obese).
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