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Default Re: How Much To Throw Out?

If I recall correctly, NYCYPCD (New York City Young People CD) is based in the Church In New York. Their earlier music was standard LC hymns or supplemental music ( when the supplement was around). Over the last couple of years they have become quite polished and have incorporated an orchestra. Those that play instruments are very good - even expert. I believe one of the ( elders ?) in NY arranges and coordinates their music ministry. They have kept the generic name NYCYPCD. They only released one CD under the the label Vessels of Mercy. I was so helped by this CD and noticed that they never played anything from it on their Hymns Radio. So I sent an e-mail asking why. Their response was that they (Vessels of Mercy) do not wish to be on the radio. However, the singers to me appear to be the same or a subset of those on the NYCYPCD so I do not know what is going on there. They never did release another CD under that label but continue to do so under the NYCYPCD label. You can find their music on ITunes , Google etc. much of it is on YouTube. The recent recordings are very good. You can create a playlist of some excellent worship and love songs for yourself and skip over the ministry songs. Although there are not all that many die-hard ministry songs
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