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Default Re: In need of advice

Thank you for clarifying Aron,
I understand what you are saying and feel much more optimistic. In many ways, I have been ministering to my children for years. My husband does hear and approves. Yet these basic, simple truths I teach my children seem to fit in to his understanding of the Word without contradiction in his mind.

I appreciate any verses you can point me to that more clearly expose the truth. I have no idea where to start having heard nothing but LSM for years. I imagine that as I reach out to the Christian women in my area, their encouragement will inspire me to dive into the Word and allow it to work more freely in my life.

Speaking to my husband has become so frustrating. He doesn't seem able at this point to even explain to me what he actually believes. I know he was taught from a young age not to think but instead to blindly follow. This blows my mind! I guess I never was truly brain washed by the LC myself. But how can I meet him where he is at and respect his beliefs if he can not even express them?
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