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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Emphasis mine, but that my brother is what LSM leaders probably defer to as "the low gospel".

Reportedly some FTTA trainees happened to knock on the front door of a quarantined brother and RK was reportedly livid upon finding out so that particular neighborhood was to be avoided. So much for forgiveness, repentance, etc.
Even though Drake feebly denies this, for decades I regularly heard disparaging comments about the whole of Christianity from WL himself, the Blendeds, and the rank and file who were taught this. The "low gospel" was regularly applied to the rest of Christianity, and the high gospel was attach only to those of us who were connected to Lee's ministry. Later on, as a diversionary tactic to the many voices who who called for a return to the narrow way of life, WL went a step further and began his "high peak" ministry. Those who bought in became convinced that they would "become G(g?)od."
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