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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
This has got to be the biggest scam ever inflicted upon the LC's. Can you imagine hundreds of brothers from around the country showing up for a funeral service RE-burying WL in a "less evil, less worldly, less religious" plot which he doesn't have to share with anyone from "poor, poor, Christianity?" This just blows my mind. I was in the Recovery when this happened in 2004, and I never knew this.

Does anyone know if Philip or Timothy Lee is buried there at Grace Terrace? If LSM demands a "less evil, less worldly, less religious" burial plot for their beloved idol, then they better not let his decaying carcass any where near his kids.
I knew that Lee was “frozen” for 30 days before his first funeral so “everybody could get there” but I had not heard that his body was moved to another location either.

I don’t know that it’s gross and hideous to relocate a body from one cemetery to another. It probably happens more often than we know for more practical reasons...without fanfare...just do what you need to do. What’s gross and hideous is making a show of it; having a “re-burial” service (really?) and basically saying out loud that a dead body is “too good” to remain buried with “unclean” dead bodies! This sounds like some kind of pagan ritual to me.

Can you see Billy Graham’s family doing something like this?

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