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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Like I said, Satan fears true seekers. He tries to entrap lazy Christians in the world. He tries to entrap seeking Christians in controlling groups and belief systems. His whole goal is to get us off-track from God's true plan for us, by whatever means necessary, in order to put off his inevitable judgment as a crispy critter. That's all that is going on.

The only way we can find God's true plan for us is by abiding in a realm of freedom sufficient to allow each of us to hear and obey his specific words to us.

The healthiest churches respect the calling of each individual Christian. If you say you feel called to move to South America to do mission work, they respect it. If you say you feel called to become a Christian writer, they respect it. If you say you feel called to work with children, or the elderly, or special needs people, they respect it. They respect your leading and conscience within the general biblical parameters of vision and morality.

They may not be able to provide a place in their particular church to accommodate your leading, but guess what, that is why there are so many options and venues out there--so many churches and ministries and approaches to fit need and burden.

The LR has its own narrow set of purposes, and expects everyone to fit within them. But to say that only what the LR is doing is part of God's plan is what they call a Whopper--a lie so preposterous that it defies rebuttal.

Surely it is obvious that God is blessing, supplying and leading so many churches and ministries out there. There can be no denying. There are genuine needs that the LR is neither equipped to nor interested in dealing with. That's their choice. But to say that the churches and ministries that do address those needs are irrelevant or second-rate is the height of arrogance and stupidity.

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