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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by byHismercy View Post
I knew I should have signed up for Cult Math when I had the chance.....I am so happy for Jo and her family....the Lord pulled the veil away, blessing them. He is who I credit for allowing me to see the system we were in.....I do feel it was a veil over my face. Asking Jo why she didn't see it sooner is silly, Harold. 'Why didn't you know back before you knew!?!' I think the deception of the LC goes deeper with those they consider 'outsiders', vs those on the inside, though. That is exactly why it is so insidious! At any rate, God bless Jo and family! Rebel Lady!
Amen byHismercy. To me the math is simple. If it's not "The Lord's Recovery" then it's a religious cult.

And amen to Greg and Jo for opening up a #MeToo movement in the LSM local churches.

And I discovered that the local church was a cult way back in the early 80s. But I guess everyone discovers it in their own time.
Cults: My brain will always be there for you. Thinking. So you don't have to.
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