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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

Originally Posted by Raptor View Post
My take: When in the christian life and church life you make the goal something other than the faith, something other than Christ, you open the door for all kinds of other things to come in, no matter how good or "scriptural" that other goal is. When you make a man and his ministry the goal (it does not matter at all that you believe it is THE, unique, exclusive, complete and final ministry of the age), everything is distorted, because you have already misaimed concerning the faith.

So having been seduced by the bait of such a "noble MOTA cause" you arrive at a distorted understanding from which you leaven, reduce and distort the function of an elder to a "simple job" of bringing "the ministry to the saints and the saints to the ministry". You have allowed something else to come in.
I remember a comment TC made about "door-knocking." Every last detail was spelled out for the "door-knockers;" nothing was left to chance, the technique was perfected -- what to wear, what to say, how to answer, and don't forget to "turn left" once you finish with the last house.

Then TC quipped in a Cleveland brothers meeting, "we should hire unbelievers to do this, they could do a better job than us."
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