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Default Re: The Church in Fullerton Elders have announced a sexual predator's sin

Originally Posted by UntoHim-Facebook posting by Jo Casteel June 25th 2019
It started with the covering up of Witness Leeís sons Philip Lee and Timothy Lee.
I'm not on Facebook, but somebody needs to tell Jo that it actually started with Watchman Nee, and Lee's cover up of his sexual sins. Where do you think Philip and Timothy got it?

Basically, it rots from the head down.

But what can we expect? They are selling something. They are selling the "Lord's" Recovery. And they can't allow anything to dull the shine of it.

The Catholics aren't the only ones guilty of it. All the churches and denomination, and non-denominations do it.

A local very conservative Southern Baptist church here did it. One that I attended as a kid. They sent their confessed rapist thieving preacher up the road, with a letter of good recommendation. Why? Because they didn't want to stain the reputation of the church.

Personally, I think, Jesus should sue them all for defamation.

Originally Posted by Jo
And to all the saints who say there are problems everywhere: Most groups are not claiming to be Godís move on earth AND the LORDís recovery AND to be Philadelphia AND that they are becoming the New Jerusalem. With grand claims like that, comes grand responsibility.
That's a valid point. They are definitely misrepresenting and defaming God, by claiming to be HIS movement on the earth.

But still, most groups claim to be representing Christ, God, and the Bible. They just have more sense than to claim they are God's one and only.

Originally Posted by Jo
And to all the saints asking me if I have sins. You bet I do. I am and was a top sinner. But I have never claimed to be the acting God on earth, or a deputy authority, commander in chief of the Lordís army, the wise master builder, or the minister of the age.
My question to Jo is, what took you so long to catch on?
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