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Default Re: On the FB page

This is from the Wikipedia article on the miniseries Chernobyl. The portion highlighted struck me as exactly how the LR leadership and DCP would have responded to any similar project which criticized the LR:
The miniseries was well-received in Russia. Vladimir Medinsky, Russian culture minister, called the series “Masterfully made” and “filmed with great respect for ordinary people”.... Anna Narinskaya, in Novaya Gazeta, noticed how the series, despite the harsh criticism of the Soviet government, became sympathetic to the common people, demonstrating their feat, solidarity, which even splashed around those who were called apparatchiks. The Communist Party of Russia called for a libel lawsuit against Chernobyl’s writer, director and producers, describing the show as "disgusting". In a statement, party member Sergey Malinkovich spoke of the party’s intentions to lobby TV regulator Roskomnadzor to request that it blocks local access to the series.
Push the lie, suppress information, threaten lawsuits, block the truth. That's the mantra of oppressive regimes, and the LR is one of them.

The moral of Chernobyl is that the nuclear power plant disaster was the direct result of the Soviet Union's policy of suppressing any information which made them look bad, including the RBMK reactor design flaw which led to the explosion. I guess it is fitting that their own lies did them in, except that innocent people went down with them. The same is and will be true for the LR.
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