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Originally Posted by Igzy View Post
I was struck at how it matched the LR culture. The fatal error is that the group, whether the "state" or the "recovery," is more important that anyone or anything, even the truth. It's all about threats and fear and intimidation and keeping people in their place. It's all about people being means to an end. It's all about a system based on lies. The KGB reminded me of the DCP. They too considered their job "a faithful word," when all they were was the intimidating muscle behind the lies.

The LR is Christianity's Soviet Union. So many grand ideas, all more important than the people they are supposed to bless--a relentless machine marching to its final meltdown, which will unfortunately take many with it.
I too couldn't help but to think of the Local Churches and seeing the similarities between these two systems while watching the Chernobyl miniseries...

Some will be upset with me but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. I haven't yet heard an LC member refer to another Christian outside of the Lord's Recovery movement as a "saint". The one thing that particularly stood out to me while watching Chernobyl was how similar the use of the term "saint" within the LC's is to how the Soviet's referred only to those within their Union as "comrade". Of course all those born of God are His saints but it seems the LC's took that label, exclusivised, and redefined it to only apply to those within the confines of their movement as a type of unifier to a common cause. (I apologize for the broad brush stroke, I don't assume this applies to everyone).

Anyway, I do understand the use of Soviet style of control within religious movements but what I really think holds the LC's together is community by those, like Jo, whom have a sincere and caring heart for those around them.

I believe the control tactics are used indirectly to maintain the naivety of the people so they continue to give their all unaware. This, in turn, is what keeps community together and the "machine" running.

Like Ohio said, the Soviets had some seemingly great ideas but history shows that collapse is inevitable whenever man tries to create a utopia on earth by their own efforts (think Babel, Nazi Germany). Or in terms of Christianity, whenever there is doctrine that teaches dominionism (the ushering in of Christ's kingdom by man's efforts) it too will eventually come to a dead end. In the Local Churches, this is the doctrine of Locality. And continuing with the Chernobyl analogy, this doctrine is their "fatal flaw".

It's only at the Lord Jesus Christ's return will a "movement" or kingdom without end be established on earth.
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