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Any other experiences both positive or negative regarding receiving mental health help in the church life? I realize many of you cannot comment due to needing to protect yourself and your families. I received permission to anonymously post this story about a saint with schizophrenia.
I think there is quite a diversity among the saints when it came to mental health issues. Perhaps it was regional, or just local.

The Psych hospital in town has the belief that all mental health problems are biological in nature. The first time I heard that, it sounded good, but what that really meant was they just needed to prescribe the right med for each illness. Once you started down this path, it was lifetime of meds, changing meds, and coping with the side effects. Insurance companies preferred this over actual counseling costs. Most of the saints I knew were very much pro-meds. Prosac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc. were the "saviors" of mankind. In extreme cases meds can help, but they should never be considered a panacea of sorts. At times they have been helpful to family members, and at times they seem to cause more problems.

Personally, I was a messed up kid who probably should have had both counseling and numerous meds. Perhaps that might have delivered me from my days of self-medication, perhaps not. One night before sleeping I had a life-changing visit by the Savior. Changed my mind, my heart, my attitude, my personality. Everything was changed for the better. I was a new creation. Today I still have issues at times like everyone else, and I've been beaten up over the years, but I keep coming back to the Physician and Healer of my soul. Praise Him!
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