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Default Another letter

Another letter posted on FB yesterday, with a link to the Casteel Open Letter.


This post may not make sense or matter to about 90% of my fb friends but if you are curious read on.


I just want to take a second to say that I’ve had many wonderful moments with the lovely people I’ve met in the last almost 5 years of my life. Meeting with “the saints” brought many good experiences.

Many times I was in awe of the fellowship, and just the personalities, of fellow believers that I met who were so awesome to me. However, I often did feel like I wasn’t good enough, spiritual enough, mature enough, and overall I just wasn’t happy. I conformed to the way of thinking, dressing, talking , and being, and none of it was me, and I always felt like a fake. I don’t know, even with me feeling that way I brushed it off and kept going, kept meeting, because I believed it was the way. It felt right even when it felt wrong/off.

I’ve always been really good at taking orders, and I’m easily guilted into things, like going to meetings, or conferences/trainings when I really couldn’t afford to go. At this time in my life though I want to learn to be independent, make choices for myself, to learn to trust my own judgement and conscience, and to pursue a way of living that will sustain me. With all of this being said I don’t think I can comfortably attend anymore home meetings.

I still love all the brothers and sisters that I’ve met as they’ve played a huge part in my life as a young adult, I just can’t support the ministry/organization.

Thank you Jo Casteel , for writing this wonderful letter, and for sharing so much more information in the comments on your original post. I am so thankful. I really didn’t know what to do with all of this, but as I’ve been following along in the comments in your post, the more I read the more I can’t ignore it all. It really is not an easy decision. So, thank you for going before me and making it a little easier. I love you so so much!

Below is a very well written letter with valuable information regarding “The Local Churches”, living stream ministry, and “the Lord’s Recovery,” and how it is a cult, and though seemingly so wonderful and delightful, is in fact filled with corruption, and death to individuality and the cares for anything outside of “the Lord’s move on the earth.”

Much love to anyone who reads this letter, especially anyone currently meeting!
There's some mind-boggling stuff on that FB page. Young people (yes, I'm 'old') saying what it's like. Look at their world through their eyes for a minute.

502 comments in 9 days, plus a lot of links. People were waiting for this letter.
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