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Default Re: Open Letter - Dear Saints in the Lord's Recovery

I was listening to a very precious testimony video on YouTube given by a couple, husband and wife, who told of their excommunication from the SDA church following their eye opening revelation that God afforded them through His word.....they came to understand that Jesus is the Son of God. As they wrapped their minds and hearts around this awesome fact ( this was news to them despite being raised in the 'church').....they became excited to share/look into/study this matter with their close friends in their church. That was the beginning of the end for these new believers in the SDA church.

The part that struck me, aside from Gods' awesome ability to reach seeking hearts, was their words about how they were counciled by their elders there. I wrote it down because I was shocked to hear something so familiar coming from another deceived group....they told them to lay down their consciences for church unity, church authority, and the body model-that is-submission to the body. They were forbidden to speak of or share anything they had discovered about who Christ really is....if they would comply, they could remain in the church.

Church unity
Church authority
Submission to the body

All tactics used on me. Funny part is, the Lord used a person I considered a friend, who was a SDA member, to open my eyes and heart to lying doctrine, and expose that cult before I faced my own situation in the LC. He set me up to search the scriptures for the truth, He gave me such a burden for this friend, which I carried until the day she firmly closed the door on any fellowship with me. That was the day the burden left me. I had complete peace about that. But the whole time, probably over about a year, He was teaching me, He was drawing me to His word, His fellowship and light was pouring out on me....and I wonder at that, now. I wonder if it was all to rescue me and the kids from our LC deception. It still blows my mind that Satan was using those LC doctrines to enslave me. I still feel shock that all the cultish ways I was recognizing in other groups were in heavy use in what I considered to be my church, where I thought they had the handle on the truth.

If only they were honest about who they believed WLee to be. I never heard any of that. They know to hide all that MOTA, apostle of the age, Oracle of God, acting God junk.....they know they are elevating Lee above Jesus. That is why they hide it. So Christian's won't flee their group.

And praise God in Christ Jesus!! He is our certitude! Below is a link to their testimony.

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