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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Ohio View Post
Are not Christan ministers and leaders held to a higher standard?

The Bible says so, and btw, Paul wrote what he did during the reign of Caesar Nero. Not the nicest guy around.

And please keep your hatred of the USA over in Alt-Views.

I am a Trumpster but I find your wrapping yourself in the American flag to shore up your pitiful argument against Brother Ron the most pathetic thing to watch unravel.

You take one statement (and an accurate one in my experience)and spin it into a moral campaign against the corruption of youth and a national crisis. And yet, you do hold a double standard as Evangelical calls attention to in these different aspects of your life. I know you are a patriotic American, and that is one of things I appreciate about you, but leveraging that is not only a logical fallacy of argument but also a bit of trampling it under your feet. Instead of demanding that others be held to a higher standard how about you demonstrate that right here in this forum?

If you can’t meet the standard you demand of others then at least be consistent to whatever standard you hold for yourself.

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