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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Originally Posted by Drake View Post

He could have not used irony but then a direct approach would not have been satisfactory to you either. Brother Benson is direct almost always and I’m certain you would appreciate that even less. Yet, if a minister were to not speak about something the Lord lays on his heart then he would be useless.

but, what was demeaning about that toward women? It was specifically about sisters who allow their spirituality to carry them out from under the headship of their husbands, their parents, their local church, etc. or wherever the Lord has placed them and thereby become more of a problem than a rebellious brother. I have seen this situation firsthand in action and know exactly what Brother Ron means by it. It’s not demeaning to women, it’s a warning to sisters who allow their spirituality to overcome them.

I don't see it this way at all. You think its a warning to sisters to not let their spirituality overcome them? What does that even mean? The point was- why did he have to do either (be direct or be passive aggressive)? What purpose does it serve to 1) be direct publicly about something most would agree should be said in private or 2) say something that could EASILY be taken offense to?

I don't think you can accurately "interpret" Mr. Kangus' quote in the way you're attempting to do so. What he said does HINT to the idea that a sister shouldn't have the NERVE to be as spiritually inclined as a brother could be. In the case that a sister was- he'd take a rebellious brother over her. That is how MANY take that statement.

You are entitled to your opinion about all the different ways that Mr. Kangus's statement COULD be interpreted and your claims to know what he REALLY meant.

But, just looking at the statement- it suggests that women need to know their place and that even a rebellious brother is valued higher than a spiritual sister.

I hope he didn't mean it. But, he seems like a smart guy. He seemed skilled in the art of passive aggressiveness- especially with this comment.

Maybe I have it all wrong- maybe I don't. But I'm pretty sure you don't either, only Mr. Kangus can answer this to the Lord.
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