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Default Re: Witness Lee's teaching on women

Maybe this deserves a separate thread,

I did not hear Brother Ron speak on UFOs but assuming he did I'm glad he brought it up.The phenomenon is not going away and will ramp up in the latter days consummating in what will be best described as a spectacular aerial display designed to impress even the most skeptical. My personal belief is that it is related to spiritual forces interacting with humanity not unlike "as it was in the days of Noah" and "angels of light".

To my knowledge Brother Lee nor Brother Nee ever spoke on the "UFO" topic other than the related biblical incidents about the Nephilim, the latter day signs and wonders in the heavenlies, and a little about the antics of the False Prophet. Though the descriptions are similar they never made the connection to UFOs but apparently Brother Ron did.

An accurate understanding of the phenomenon has been clouded by ET or "beings from another planet" enthusiasts and equally so on the other side by skeptics who dismiss every manifestation of the phenomenon as natural occurring or only observed by nutcases. The Bible provides the proper insight into what is going on there.

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